Event Auditing Services is the industry leader in saving promoters substantial capital. Specializing in major music festivals, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive services from vendors without overpaying. Our processes improve vendor operations and quality of service while freeing up time and resources. We take pride in enhancing workplace performance, strengthening working relationships and drastically increasing cash flow.
At EAS, we do what is best for the event. Serving as an extension of our clients, we represent their best interests and desires. Our clients' focus should be on creating the best experience for their patrons. We alleviate the stress and time it takes to perform settlements and monitor the services promised by vendors. Taking those responsibilities allows our clients to produce their events at the highest possible caliber. Whether it is a music festival, sporting event, convention, or trade show, our audit services are the only way to save promoters the significant cash necessary to accomplish their goals.









We build deployment spreadsheets so you can focus on the needs.
We monitor vendors and their employees so you can invest time on other operations.
We correspond current vendor conditions for you to make the proper adjustments.
We complete the settlement process and deliver them straight to you!


Professional Staff
Our educated and personable staff creates and maintains strong relationships with vendors and promoters. Our knowledge guarantees the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of our services.
Deployment Builds
We work directly with vendors and promoters throughout the pre-planning process to put deployment needs into comprehensive spreadsheets.
Point of Contact
Our constant communication between vendors and promoters provides valuable real-time information that improves management and operations. 
Time & Attendance
We track the number of working employees as well as their hours through our innovative time card system with proven results. 
Physical Audits
Our physical auditing procedures allow promoters to understand personnel requirements in the field and the necessary adjustments to make to fulfill the needs.
Vendor Settlements
We reconcile billable work hours with the vendors and come to a settlement agreement that we deliver to the client.